26-10-18 A Brain-Penetrant MET Inhibitor Achieves Responses in Glioblastoma. Cancer Discovery, 2018
24-10-18 Beyond molecular profiling for “precision oncology”. Science Translation Medicine, 2018
19-10-18 药物研究有望抑制脑胶质瘤. China Science Daily, 2018
27-09-18 Cancer cell lines as patient avatars for drug response prediction


10-10-18 Congratulations to Quanhua, Yiyun, Biaobin and Yoonhee who have uncovered the mutational landscape of secondary glioblastoma (sGBM) in East Asian cohort, through a fruitful collaboration mainly with Dr. Tao Jiang's team from Beijing Neurosurgical Institute and Beijing Tiantan Hospital. This systematic study reveals genomic differences among low-grade glioma, primary glioblastoma and sGBM. Strikingly, we discovered that genomic mutations that lead to METex14 are highly enriched in sGBM cases, and the presence of METex14 transcripts is an important biomarker that predicts significantly worse patient survival. More importantly, MET protein is an actionable drug target, which has been verified in a MET-targeted Phase I clinical trial led by our collaborator at Beijing Tiantan Hospital. Out of the six sGBM patients who completed the trial, two achieved partial response, two achieved stable disease, and two have progressed disease. This encouraging result highlights the great potential of precision cancer medicine in treating previous incurable cancers by tailoring particular therapies according to personalised genomic information. This result has been published on Cell, 2018.


01-09-18 Welcome Xiangcheng Shi, who joins the Wang Lab as MSc Student.
01-09-18 Welcome Fufang Qiu, who joins the Wang Lab as MSc Student.
01-09-18 Welcome Paula Weidemüller, who joins the Wang Lab as Intern Student.
26-07-18 Congratulations! Quanhua received SENG Top RPG Award in 2017/18.
18-06-18 Congratulations! Yiyun has been chosen for the Overseas Research Award of the university in 2017/18.
18-04-18 Congratulations! Biaobin received travel awrad in The 1st AsiaEvo Conference.
07-03-18 Welcome Mingrui Jiang, who joins the Wang Lab as Research Assistant.
07-01-18 Welcome Shengshuo Huang, who joins the Wang Lab as PhD student.